DDC Aviolanda has a unique environment available to test drones in development, execute demonstration flight for your prospective customers, provide training to become a certified drone pilot and execute specific workshops for expert pilots.
The location where we execute the drone flights is within the controlled airspace of the Woensdrecht Military Airbase (EHWO). This means that, when required based on risk analysis, the airspace can be closed for all traffic when we conduct a flight with higher risk.

Also the region within the Woensdrecht airspace contains a lot of variations in nature, vegetation, water, channels, coastal area, industrial objects, EMC sources, et cetera which makes this location perfect to test and demonstrate different payloads and its applications.

DDC Aviolanda cooperates with other Drone test centres which make it possible to plan BVLOS and corridor test and demo flights.

All Pre-flight activities, including operational planning, can be facilitated at DDC Aviolanda depending on your own CAA authorizations.