DDC Aviolanda will provide you the following basic facilities:

  • Airfield with 2400 meter runway and controlled airspace access to demo your system
  • Secured demo environment (Airbase fencing and manned security)
  • Hosting services for your guests, parking, catering
  • Office with electricity and internet for flight preparation
  • Access to on-field dining room


If your demo needs special requirements, we can extend the services included with the basic package in order to meet your needs:

  • Transceivers/transponders when risk analysis requires additional visibility when conducting the tests. Local UTM systems can track the flight path.
  • Pilot in Command and/or Flight instructor in case of missing authorization.
  • Partner supplied drone and/or sensor rental needed for executing your demo.
  • Meeting, presentation & training room.
  • Installation of or providing outdoor remote sensing targets for your demo.
  • Night accommodation in case of longer duration of the tests.